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Askar Protector-Warrior squad
Askar bands have few needs or ambitions beyond fighting, but when it comes to weaponry and armaments they have an eye for both quality and ‘show’. Bands working within the Freeborn mercenary procurement network tend to be armed in a...
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Xilos Gulper
The long-abandoned subterranean ruins of the Builders have become the lairs to many creatures, and some even appear to have evolved to take advantage of this considerable ecological niche in the bowels of Xilos. Now, as you fight across the...
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Askar Protector-Warrior command squad
The mercenary bands are led by a warrior chosen amongst them, who will generally speak for the whole band, taking such decisions as are necessary in the band’s dealing with other races. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Na'Alene Scent Traps
Once amusing household plants that caught flies, these have grown to giant size. They have huge flowers with many petals, on the surface of which are fine, soft hairs. The plants exude an attractive, heady scent that is intoxicating to...
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Hükk Bounty Hunter and Hunting Angkriz
Infantry and Beast Unit Points Value: 122 Usable by: Any faction including Vorl but excluding Virai. Limitations: One per army. Hükk are solitary! Unit: Hükk Bounty Hunter Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Hükk with customised mag gun, reflex armour,...
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Xilos Drummer and Snappers
Snappers are fairly small arthropods that live in great numbers both in the jungles and amongst the ruins of Xilos. The explorers dub these creatures ‘snappers’ because of the snap-snap-snapping noise they make as they scuttle about in search of...
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Bounty Hunter Drones and Angkriz
This set contains the following models: 2 Hunting Angkriz 2 Shield Drones 1 Medi Drone 1 Spotter Drone Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Togg - Antares Mercenary
Togg Kin’Ru is a unique human-morph whose origins remain a mystery. Rescued from the wreckage of a spacecraft by savages as a child, he has no memories of his own world or people. Brought up by savage warriors and subsequently...
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