More Spaceships after the Isorians won the poll (Part 2)

We recently held a poll on the Skytrex Facebook page (here) about which faction from the Beyond the Gates of Antares I should be turning my hand to next when it came to creating some more themed ships.

The Isorians took the win with 23 votes from the 105 cast and I have started to tentatively explore and convert some ships of various sizes based on the components available to me in the Gates of Antares range.

The pictured ships include a couple of larger 'Cruiser' class ships, a possible 'Frigate' and some wacky 'Escort' ships. The next plan is to get some paint on them but I was having so much fun making them I ran out of time this week. I will be sure to get them finished and photographed though with pictures going up on here as well as on the Facebook page. If you're not already subscribed please consider doing so and then you won't miss out on future updates.

 Various Isorian Ships


The Algoryn Ships from previous posts:

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